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  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!!! You wouldn't think that coffee would taste absolutely great as a citrus drink, but this definitely does. The combination of the mandarin/tangerine combined with the TMC coffee and Premium Hemp CBD makes this a great alternate to those so-called "energy drinks" that gives you a crash after a couple of hours. A great sparkling, sipping drink that gives you a natural source of enery & focus. No weird after-taste, not a lot of sugar, just 8 oz of refreshing alternative to expensive espresso/energy drinks. Best served really cold or even over ice! On days that I need a good pick-me-up or to focus....this is my drink.

    Candice M

  • Have you ever had breakfast and not known whether you wanted orange juice or coffee? The Sunset Tangerine is the answer! It is thee most amazing and original taste I've ever encountered. Absolutely nothing compares. I drink it in the morning and have become 100% more productive throughout the day. I am a mother, wife, and career woman. Thank you Munchies Coffee for making sure I make it through the day! The Skywalker is for those nights that my baby wants to play at 3am and the Camp Lovin is for work rushes to meet deadlines. My absolute favorite though is the the Sunset Tangerine. I could drink that everyday. There is nothing that comes close to these products. The starter kit definitely gives you a little bit of everything.


  • I absolutely loved this coffee! the way the tangerine blends so perfectly with the coffee is incredible. I love that it doesn't even taste like coffee and I will never purchase another energy drink again. I will be ordering in high volumes!