National Fruit Cocktail Day

In celebration of National Fruit Cocktail Day, which took place this year on May 13, 2020, we trekked out to the high desert to link up with Mama Sailene, author of CBD Cocktails, with over 100 recipes on how to improve your beverage with cannabinoids. 

A veteran of the cannabis community described as the "Florence Nightingale of Weed," Sailene Ossman's knowledge of how to utilize cannabis is unparalleled. She was quick to take us up on our offer to try some Munchies, and, in less than a few hours, she had a handful of recipes ready to help you kick back and relax with a Munchies cold brew cocktail. 

You can find a lot of delicious concoctions in her book, and one we were keen to pair with our coffee was the classic White Russian.   Our spin is a little classed up, Venice Beach style, and we prefer to call it THE DUDE ABIDES.   


  1. 1 shot vodka
  2. 2 shots of cream
  3. 1/2 shot coffee liquor
  4. 2 oz. of The Munchies Coffee Skywalker 

Mama Sailene recommends you fill a rocks glass with ice, add the vodka, coffee liqueur, and Munchies, then slowly pour the cream over the mixture and adding Sow Eden Cinnamon Turmeric Tincture for a boost of CBD and flavor.   

Find More about Mama Sailene and buy her book through her website

Mama Sailene



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