Scan our FAQ page for answers to our commonly asked questions. 

Is Munchies vegan?

Yes.  Munchies is vegan.


Is Munchies sugar free?

Munchies has no sugar added.   It is all natural.   Any sugars, if any, are naturally occurring. 


Is Munchies organic?



Do all of your products have CBD?

No.  Not all of our beverages have CBD.    Our original cold brew, Skywalker, was originally and still is available without CBD.    All orders will default to CBD infused versions of products.   


How should I drink The Munchies Coffee?  

The Munchies Coffee is best served over ice, but you should drink however you like it.   If you want to make it in a cocktail check out this recipe. 


Can I fly with it?

Munchies does not travel well on airplanes.  It is in a can, with compressed gas.   It likely would explode.   It is also larger than 3.5 ounces and cannot be carried in your carry on.   We recommend consuming it before flying…and buying another one when you land.  


Do your products have caffeine?

Each of our products has caffeine, but the amount of caffeine varies depending on the flavor.   


Do your products contain THC?

Our products do not contain THC, the psycho-active ingredient in cannabis.  THC is a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act and is illegal. Any products labeled The Munchies Coffee that contain THC are not authorized products. Please contact us immediately if you see such products in the marketplace - as those would be unlicensed, illegal products.   


Will I fail a drug test if I drink The Munchies Coffee?

The Munchies Coffee does not contain any THC. Nonetheless, false positives have been reported on drug screenings by people who consume CBD products.   If you are drug tested at your place of employment, please be aware that consuming products which contain cannabinoids, including but not limited to CBD, may trigger positive results on drug screenings.